Drawing Projects

Artist’s Statement

This work is an ongoing series of digital art works drawn with Microsoft Excel, seeking novel ways to use Excel. Although the work was made using a computer program, the actual drawings (the shapes, lines and colors) are chosen and shaped by hand, not generated by the Excel program. Excel offers an organizing device for the drawings.

Some of the drawings in this project are inspired by 20th Century artists whose work explored grid patterns (the grid configuration is at the heart of Excel). Other drawings in this series are inspired by a mid-20th Century art movement called Color Field painting, where blocks or fields of color become the explicit subject of the work.

Because Excel is organized around the grid structure, it encourages certain types of shapes and lines. This series explores that fact, sometimes staying in harmony with it, sometimes working to “overwrite” it. The grid structure, with its right-angled rationality, is central to so much that is modern. Art Historian Rosalind Krauss argues that the grid became the organizing principle for modern art, starting in the earliest years of the 20th Century. In daily life, the grid is everywhere: city streets, the computer or mobile phone keyboard we type with, web sites are frequently organized with a grid structure. The inter-connected networks of computers that shape our daily life are called a “Net,” a symbolic grid in the image of a fisherman’s net.

The drawings in the series are available for purchase. The work is presented as a digital file, not as a hard copy print. A single drawing is sold as an individual workbook file. Each drawing is published as a limited edition of 25 and each copy is assigned a number (1/25 – etc.). Groups of drawings may be sold as worksheets assembled together within one file, or sold as separate files, one worksheet per file.